Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why Is There A Limit On The Amount Of Liquid Brought On An Aircraft?

It has to do with a liquid explosive that was found on a passenger several years ago and I suppose that type of explosive isn't as dangerous in small amounts so now everybody else has to suffer the consequences with ridiculous liquid restrictions. Thanks, terrorists!

Licencing And Scooters Australia?

I was given a Kymco Bug Vibe Scooter and was wondering if you can drive it on a P1 licence in Queensland Australia.

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Motorbike licences, including scooters, are a different class of licence from a car licence. You will need to get L plates, learn to ride it and pass a practical test.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Does "Itsumademo Anata Wo Omou Koto Wa Shina Iiyo" Mean?

I'm really sorry to ask, I've been trying to figure it out on my own (I'm still learning) but I can't for the life of me put it together. I know a few of the words but...please help? I'd be very grateful.

Also just in case I heard it wrong, it can also be this,
"Itsumademo anata wo omou koto wa shinai yo"

But I think I got it right the first time. Thank you for any help you give!!

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I wont be thinking about you forever.
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What Is The Law Regarding Naturalized American Citizen Coming From The Philippines?

I left when I was young with my family. I held a philippine passport for eight years and was able to get naturalized when I became of legal of age. I have not renewed my phillippine passport for more than a decade now, but was still able to come in the phillippines 3 more times since then. I dont stay for more than two weeks since I dont really have much reasons to visit. Lately I have been finding out that I was supposed to renew my phil passport. I dont recall losing my phil citizenship but what are the legalities for this matter. Not everyone can visit every year or stay longer than 2 weeks because of financial reasons $(2000 per ticket). Im not looking for opinions just legal facts. I also have to spend for lodging and food.

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Here are the facts:

You may return to the Philippines any time you desire, just use your American passport. No need for a Visa because your stay is less than 21 days.

You lost your Philippines citizenship when you were naturalized. You have the option to reacquire your Philippines citizenship in accordance with Philippines RA 9225. If you want to reacquire your citizenship you need to visit the nearest Philippines Embassy or Consulate with your NSO birth certificate, old Philippines passport, your USA passport and marriage certificate (if married) and pay appropriate fees (cost less than $75.00) and take oath. It has been several years since my wife and son obtain dual citizenship, so check Philippines Embassy or Consulate document requirements for dual citizenship before you actually visit to ensure you have all required documents. Also you need to check with Philippines Embassy or Consulate to determine if there is an outreach program in your area, where Embassy or Consulate staff visit your city. Use popular Internet Search Engine Google to determine closest Philippines Embassy or Consulate for further information.

If you use services at Philippines Embassy or Consulate to regain your Philippines citizenship, they will also be able to assist you in renewing your Philippines passport. Once you regain your Philippines citizenship, every time you travel to the Philippines, you use BOTH passports. Meaning you show port authorities both passports. The reason for this is because by having both your USA and Philippines passport are stamped, there is no confusion with travel information/dates and you will not need to worry about Philippines Bureau of Immigration imposed fees at a later date if you decide to stay longer than 21 days.

Though I am an American, I have had close ties with the Philippines my whole adult life, since the first time back in 1980 when I lived and worked in the Philippines. My wife and son are both dual citizens. My son acquired his citizenship through the Philippines Consulate outreach program, and my wife through the Bureau of Immigration, Intramuros Manila. What I posted is factual and from personal experience.

About the Expensive Flights - I have made more than 33 flights to and from the Philippines since 1980. In the past ten years when flying became more expensive, I have NEVER paid more than $1,000.00 for a flight. The cheapest time to fly is during non peak travel season, when school is in session stateside. Because the vast majority of people or student under the age of 17 or 18 years old and are in school (K1-K12), families do not fly that much. Because there is less of a demand, its cheaper to fly. During Holidays, and school breaks (Spring, Summer, Winter/Holiday Season) school students are on break, more families are flying, so it is peak travel season, so more expensive to fly. Bottom line - fly during non peak season and save substantial amounts of cash.

If you want a airline ticket referral or have any questions, feel free to contact me through my Yahoo profile. i know a Filipino travel agent based out of Salt Lake City, Utah who is well known and respected for his outstanding service to the Filipino and Fil/Am communities. He works out of his home, and works closely with Airlines Consolidators, so he can get discounted seats if you plan ahead and have flexibility travel dates. he only makes $20.00 profit per ticket and can do this, because he has little overhead. No office space rent or insurance fees. I have been using his services for twelve plus years (Fly every year and spend 5 months in Ermita Manila condo) and he has always got me the best airline ticket deals. Remember to save your air miles:)


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Is Cabo San Lucas A Safe Part Of Mexico To Visit?

I've never been to Mexico, and I know a lot of areas are dangerous, especially for foreigners. Who here has been to Cabo, and have you had any problems there?

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You will have zero problems there. Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel are also very safe. As long as your not near the border towns (bordering the US) and cities you will be just fine.

What Are The Main Industries Of Swaziland Africa?

I am doing a project in school for Swaziland Africa. i am supposed to answer a whole bunch of questions from a packet. one of the questions is what are the major industries? i could not find the answer by looking it up so i am asking you.

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The major industries are Agriculture, Forestry, Mining and Manufacturing


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Which Is Better To Live In: Arizona Or Utah?

According to your own personal experience. BTW, I'm not a Mormon.

Please explain...

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I have lived in both Arizona and Utah. Both states have friendly, wonderful people, and both states have hostile and unfriendly people. I think Utah has the better ski resorts, but if you don't like skiing it doesn't matter. Both states have some wonderful scenery. Nothing compares to the Grand Canyon, but Utah has a lot of wonderful National Parks.

I prefer Utah in many ways, but I think it was better that I didn't raise my children there, because religion is so much taken for granted and in many cases not followed faithfully.
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